Cleft Care in Ireland

The aim of this website is to educate you about the condition of cleft lip and palate and to reassure you that your child can lead a healthy and happy life.

In Ireland, the management of children born with a cleft lip and/or palate is organised in multidisciplinary teams specialising in this condition, in order to concentrate expertise and achieve the best possible outcome for your child. A “Hub and Spoke” set-up is offered, with the Dublin Cleft Centre (CHI at Crumlin together with CHI at Temple Street) and Cork University Hospital acting as the central “hubs”, but offering outreach clinics to Galway and Sligo.

If you have just received an antenatal diagnosis of a cleft your foetal medicine team will usually refer you to one of the cleft teams who will get in touch with you directly to arrange an antenatal review.

Your child’s condition and management will be discussed with you in detail in a clinic setting but we would encourage you to browse this website to answer any further questions you may have. Should anything be unclear, please do not hesitate to contact your cleft team for clarification or to make another appointment.

Some new or expectant mothers of childrens with cleft can find it reassuring to talk to other parents/children attending the cleft services. Here you can find links to support groups that you may find useful.